We’re looking for you!

Tenuta Santo Spirito is a young and small winery focused on the sustainable production of quality organic wine. We are interested in getting to know distributors, importers, trade agents and wine enthusiasts willing to make our products known in Italy and abroad. If you are interested in any collaboration please contact us, call, or write an email.

Company headquarters:

Contrada Serra D’Elia – 97019 Vittoria (Ragusa)

Company Offices:

Via Magenta 152 – 97019  Vittoria (Ragusa)

Phone number:

+39 3357825265 / +39 3934315817




    Wine Aphorisms

    There is no one who knows the secret of the future.
    What you need is wine, love and rest as you like.

    Omar Ḫayyām (1048 – 1131)Mathematician, astronomer, poet and philosopher

    No poem written by water drinkers can please or live long. Ever since Bacchus enlisted poets among his Satyrs and Faunii, the sweet Muses always taste of wine in the morning.

    Quinto Orazio Flacco (65 BC – 8 BC)Poet

    Mad wine could push even the very wise man to sing a song, and laugh with pleasure, and make him up to dance, and let slip a few words that was better to keep them inside.