Sicilian pleasantness and drinkability

Frappato is an ancient native grape, so named for its intense fruity scents, cultivated since the 17th century in Sicily in the municipality of Victoria where it found its area of choice. Vinified in purity gives a fresh wine, bright ruby red, with predominantly cherry hints embellished with a small spicy touch. This wine was obtained after a careful selection of the best Frappato grapes grown exclusively in the vineyards owned within our estate in Contrada Serra D’Elia in the Municipality of Victoria (Ragusa). It is an easy-to-drink wine that goes very well with a large number of first and second dishes of the Sicilian tradition.

Name: Frappato Vittoria DOC;

Grapevines: 100% Frappato;
Altitude: 200 m above sea level;
Exposure: West – South/West;
Type of soil: Deep, Light colored limestone, loose, well drained, and slightly sub-alcalin;
Farming system: Guyot;
Average age of grapevines: 7 years;
Plant density: 4000 vines/Hectar;

Vinification: After the grapes destemming, soft pressing with partial crushing of the berries;
Fermentation: Stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature;
Fermentation temperature: 82/86 Fahrenheit;
Fermentation duration: 14 days;
Malolactic Fermentation: Naturally turning to the temperature of 72 Fahrenheit;
Refinement: 12 months in steel vats;

Tasting Notes: At the sight it shows a beautiful bright ruby red color. It reveals then, on the nose, an intense winey and fruity taste, with hints that are reminiscent of cherry, raspberry, blackberry, all mixed with light spicy notes. In the mouth it has a beautiful acidity that gives it fragrance and freshness, rightly balanced, and with delicate tannins, good the final persistent;

Alcohol: 13% Vol;
Total acidity: 5 g/l;
Residual sugars: 3,8 g/l;
Net dry extract: 28,9 g/l;
pH: 3,74.


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Wine Aphorisms

There is no one who knows the secret of the future.
What you need is wine, love and rest as you like.

Omar Ḫayyām (1048 – 1131)Mathematician, astronomer, poet and philosopher

No poem written by water drinkers can please or live long. Ever since Bacchus enlisted poets among his Satyrs and Faunii, the sweet Muses always taste of wine in the morning.

Quinto Orazio Flacco (65 BC – 8 BC)Poet

Mad wine could push even the very wise man to sing a song, and laugh with pleasure, and make him up to dance, and let slip a few words that was better to keep them inside.