DOC Sicilia Insolia Grillo


Sicilian pleasantness and drinkability

Our Rovi D.O.C. Sicilia is a special tribute to Romina and Vincenzo, the driving forces of our dream come true; it symbolise our countryside, gentle and fierce at the same time. RoVi is the result of the selection of our best grapes Insolia and Grillo, hand-picked carefully and strictly at the night just to preserve their intrinsecal properties. An elegant wine, with a strong personality and versatility. A white wine which deserves to amaze the palate for the joyful salinity, with a dry finish.

Denomination: Sicilia DOC

Blend: 50% Insolia – 50% Grillo
Altitude: 656 ft. a.s.l
Solar exposition: West – South/west
Terroir: Deep, bright-coloured, calcareous, loose and welldrained, lightly sub-alcaline
Vine training system: Guyot
Average life of grapevines: 4 years
(Grapevine) Vine density: 4000 gv/Ha

Vinification: In white
Fermentation: Made in stainless steel under monitored temperature
temperature Temperature: 12/15°C
Period of fermentation: 20 days
Elevage: 6 months in stainless steel vat

Tasting note: A pale yellow with green glare. The nose is alive with white fruits and orange blossoms. The palate is balanced, the salinity and a strong freshness support the dry and pleasant finish.

Alcohol(percentage contents): 12,00 – 12,50 %
Total acidity: 6,00 – 7,00 g/l
Sugars left: 3,00 – 4,00 g/l
Total dry extract: 20,00/25,00 g/l
pH:2,60 – 2,80


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Wine Aphorisms

There is no one who knows the secret of the future.
What you need is wine, love and rest as you like.

Omar Ḫayyām (1048 – 1131)Mathematician, astronomer, poet and philosopher

No poem written by water drinkers can please or live long. Ever since Bacchus enlisted poets among his Satyrs and Faunii, the sweet Muses always taste of wine in the morning.

Quinto Orazio Flacco (65 a.C. – 8 a.C.)Poet

Mad wine could push even the very wise man to sing a song, and laugh with pleasure, and make him up to dance, and let slip a few words that was better to keep them inside.